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Saturday 10 pm – 11 pm

Hangman Radio Cast and Crew
Hangman Radio Noir Podcast project. The magnificent Professor Pinkerton and much of DMC lay down new charts with our superb Foley technician, our exquisite Sound Man from Madison and ostensibly the finest Vocal Actors and Writers working in the Midwest for the first installment of Hangman Radio.

Edgar Allen Poe

Evocative, isn’t it…
To the discriminating adult mind
Nothing says Halloween and
the High Holy Holliday Season
Quite like
The enigmatic, captivating and chilling writings of Poe

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Milwaukee’s quirkiest historic tours. Ghosts, cannibals, hookers, oh my! Offering a series of historically accurate tours to suit anyone’s proclivities, Hangman Tours helps you get a little more cozy with Milwaukee in a captivating way.

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Sprecher Brewery1/2 price of any Hangman Tours, if you take a Sprecher Brewery Tour at full price. Promo code “Brothel” Sprecher Tours

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